Why we all are in crisis? (from time to time…)


After several months decided to publish something new – please have a look at the chart below – it clearly shows different stages that a human being is going through, while dealing with certain pleasant or unpleasant situations:


Please take some time to think about what you see above…
There will be more posted on this subject shortly… 🙂

Best regards, R.


Public speaking 2.0


Today I would like to share some thoughts on public speaking in relation to Simon Sinek.
I really, really, really like his style of presenting things to the audience and the way he does this – by not putting himself “above the audience” but in caring way shares the knowledge. There is this feeling that he holds nothing back, but instead shares all the information and his expertise. His body language is open in a really friendly way. But the most important is that for an idea/concept to spread or “absorbed” by listeners, it must be in overall easily understood. All because when it’s easily understood, it becomes something that people can use, work with, take actions and be inspired by it.
This is exactly how Sinek in my view is presenting his ideas – those are easy to understand and the presentations have a well thought out structure that can smoothly take listeners from one point to the next one. By observing his way of presenting things I realized that it is best practice to prepare presentations in details – chunk it all down – and combine it in a logical sequence that is easy to understand.

And this is one of his brilliant and inspiring speeches – “Why good leaders make you feel safe”:

Regards, R.

Me and myself…


Some time ago I was introduced to quite interesting idea linked to the following statement – if my “pink blob body” could do everything I needed to live and breath, then why have a “me/inner voice” inside my head? What was the evolutionary advantage of it? Why it was developed?

Naturally it had to have something to do with the things we do as a species. In that case human beings are in a way unique regarding how we interact with other people. What ever “me/inner voice” did, it probably had something to do with that… and the most important part of social interactions is in fact dealing with the other person. So what we need is to run a test how the interaction can go before it will happen… so in this case the “me/inner voice” in the head is in fact not “true me” but the required “test person”…
So this chatty “conscious” inner voice is really a “pretend other person” that we need to try certain ideas/scenarios out on in advance… all to get an estimate how this stuff is going to go…
We all are being told that the “inner voice” is all me me me… and all this time that internal dialogue voice in the head is in fact a pretend you you you… It is linked with second position (NLP Perceptual Positions).

And here is the most interesting part of this idea (linked with Triune Brain):
– the subconscious – specially the lizard brain is in the “driving seat”. The conscious “inner voice” can be seen simply as a lab rat, it is here to test out strategies in advance… and if they seem to be OK, then my unconscious lizard brain can potentially use them in the future.
But the lizard brain is often in a survival mode and if it is an emergency – than the lizard brain will run the programs it already has. There is a 150ms delay till our conscious is given the news. So often there is no point trying to think our way out of the crisis at the time. We are already 150ms too late and most of the time our reactions are in a way automatic and in line with strategies tested/used prior to the situation.

So in that case the job of “me/inner voice” is to rehearse the plan of action before we need it… then and only then it will be ready for the lizard brain to be used when necessary. This clearly shows the importance of NLP approach regarding modelling and rehearsing the new approach… “getting it in the muscles”. All because at the time when we need it – the lizard brain will be ready to run the new strategy 150ms before we can think about it.

Following from the above is a simple thought that “the crisis” is the worst time to try to think up a new strategy. “Me” is out of the loop at that moment. The job of “me” is to come up with new plans when we are not in crisis, rehearse those strategies before we need them.
Often people get stuck in certain situations and feel that nothing can be changed. The problem here is that they are usually trying to do this during the crisis. But the best time to change (be prepared for it) is before we need it… Clearly by using wisely the “inner voice” to our advantage we can reprogram our minds… The trick is to “install” (rehearse) the new programs (strategies) before we will need them.

Regards, R.

Life can be easy…


In modern days most of us seem to be conditioned to follow certain patterns in life. Although those may seem like choices that are being made freely and consciously by ourselves in many cases those choices are somehow forced by “our environment” – society, family. They seem to be in line with what is expected from us… like for example – make some sort of professional career and buy a house (get a mortgage)…
In a way many follow this path and by doing so they take on board what is expected (by society/others/environment) from them without thinking about alternative options… and often they get stressed or even depressed because of a “narrowed perception” – where career and material possessions become almost everything what really counts…
Personally I will encourage everyone to “widen the perception” in this subject by watching this short video:
“Life can be easy” by Jon Jandai:

and if you think that this is not possible in the Western World – have a look at this:


Regards, R.

Focus on the positive…

Happy New Year Everybody!

I hope that you will enjoy the following video material – “Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck)” by Alison Ledgerwood:

It clearly shows how most of human beings are conditioned towards the view of “the glass being half empty”…
Perhaps this sort of perception was designed in the first place to ensure our safety by focusing on dangers/negatives to eliminate chances of “becoming eliminated”… However it doesn’t seem to be so beneficial in our modern society.
So please remember to switch yourselves into POSITIVE in this new year!

Regards, R.

Time & Arrows

mountains nature artwork kekai kotaki archer 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_5


Please remember – most of us have been conditioned – regarding the following concept – “sorry don’t have the time” – in fact we all have 24 hours, 7 days a week – it is our individual choice what we do with our time.
The pitfall of “not having the time” leads to stress – we can view ourselves like hamsters in a hamster-wheel – running all the time, chasing after something. Just ask yourselves – would such a mindset contribute positively to our wellbeing?
Even if we have lots and lots things that we should do – it is still our choice – realistically in most cases the world will not fall apart if we will omit something… Be aware of this, just do as much as you can and minimize “inner stress/guilt” because it will not be helpful in situations when you do not get enough time (or energy) to complete what was planned in the first place…

We can view time (and completing tasks) just as we would be a hunter equipped with a bow and arrows (our skills and knowledge). At a time when we will target something that we can not reach with the very “bow” that we have – we should either go after something within our reach or work towards getting close to the chosen target. Simply avoid wasting resources (time, energy), which will most likely happen if you will go after something that is not within your reach. While sometimes it is worthwhile to take your chances (even if they are extremely slim) – I would generally encourage everyone to work towards getting the best position – with as clear view of your target as it is possible – before “releasing your arrow”…
With this mindset we are increasing our chances of success – and ultimately decreasing potential stresses/disappointments and such an approach in fact saves our time and energy because we are getting everything right the very first time. Furthermore in such a scenario more than likely we become happier just because we are being successful.
So please remember to use your “bow and arrows” wisely… be aware of your strengths and limitations…

Regards, R.

Happiness & Aliveness


What is Happiness?… Well… I think that there are thousands of views, opinions and ideas on this subject…
Everyone desires it…, it is simple and yet so complicated…
So please let me share my insights:
Happiness lies within ourselves – it is an “inner sensation”. You don’t get happiness from outside – obviously it can be triggered or impacted by outside factors. Buying new clothes or gadgets in itself is not a true – long lasting – happiness (this is more likely similar to a situation when you have a toothache and instead going to a dentist you use only pain-killers)… what is it than? Happiness can be described as a wonderful feeling inside of ourselves specially when we are happy for no reason, when we align ourselves with the outside world and perceive things as they are and not as we would like to see them – we avoid over-analyzing and don’t feed ourselves with negativity. This often happens when we agree with ourselves and with the world around us…

And here is a video material related to being “inner driven” & aliveness – “The big secret nobody wants to tell” by Bruce Muzik:

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Regards, R.